Why I Blog

coffee-break-325780_1280Blogging is something of a very personal thing for me.

I blog because I enjoy it, because I like to share and because I like to have my two pence worth! But, most of all I blog because it is an expressive outlet for me. It can help me make sense of the world and even help calm me down if my life is beginning to feel too chaotic. It is remarkable what a calming influence virtual pen-to-paper can have.

The world, to me, seems more stressful and pressured that it ever has before. So I like to focus one the things I love in my life. The simple pleasures and my family. So thats what I like to blog about and I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me.

I’m not sure what else to say but I’ll be back to update this page at some point as I learn and develop with my blog – enjoy.