6 Simple steps for making great coffee


Many of you must have a coffee as something of a morning ritual. As we’re half asleep we measure the water, milk and coffee and put them as you have been doing for, perhaps, many years. However coffee, its preparation, and the taste has gone through a lot of change through years. Roasts, brewing techniques and brewing gear can now offer you the chance to take advantage of the taste of ‘real’ coffee. Once you know how to brew, you will love your coffee even more.

So, What is good coffee?

In order to understand good coffee, you will have to first understand how the professional coffee makers measure the brews. Measuring the quality of coffee can be traced back to 1950s. In fact, despite popular beliefs, strong coffee has no relation to the bitterness or the caffeine content. It is about the ratio of coffee and water in the cup – thats what makes a good cup of coffee.

My Steps to making great coffee

Here are some steps, you can use to make great coffee today.

  1. Buy good coffee beans – Coffee beans should be whole, organically farmed and roasted within few weeks from the time you are using it. If you want to have the ‘actual’ flavor of coffee, you should choose heavily roasted beans. However, you can keep it to the recommended or common level also, as per your taste.
  2. Grind your coffee fresh – Roasted coffee is fragile and delicate. Coffee has many flavors which get reduced with time as they are exposed to oxygen. If you grind your coffee just before brewing, it will help keep all the compounds intact and this will help you have improved taste of coffee while you are at home.
  3. Store coffee beans properly – You should use an air tight container so that you can store the coffee beans securely and away from sunlight. If you are not going to use the beans within two weeks, it is better to freeze them.
  4. Focus on right proportion of coffee and water – If you want that golden look and flavour, make sure you pay attention to the right ratio of coffee and water. This is the most fundamental and simple way to get that perfect taste.
  5. Use the right technique – Making the perfect cup of coffee does not only mean following the step by step guide, but it is about accuracy and uniformity. Different people use different brewing techniques, but when you follow a specific one and repeatedly make coffee with all precautions and care, you overcome your mistakes and improve unbelievably making great coffee.
  6. Use high quality tools – When using tools to make coffee, make sure you make use of high quality ones. You will definitely get better results. You might find spending on it an extravagance, but it is a one time investment and if you are a coffee lover it is definitely worth it. High quality tools are sturdy and provide better performance as well. It will make the brewing process easier and faster.

Once you choose a method, you simply need to keep in mind the above points and tune your coffee by adjusting some variables:

Pay attention to the grind size of your coffee beans and make sure they are finely grind. Secondly, the temperature of the water can also affect the taste of your coffee. Make sure the water you use for brewing coffee is not very hot because it will make the taste bitter as unpleasant acids are released from the coffee beans when very hot water is poured on it. You should measure the water after pouring it in the cup to stay assured that the measurement is right.

If you are still working on finding the perfect method or perfect taste, work on any one variable at a time. Measure the result and see whether it fits in your taste and quality or not. Just keep in mind that when you are working on making great coffee, you should give it some time. In fact, this is the beauty of coffee. It takes time to get that perfect flavor and taste. Do not get disheartened if you make any mistake because this is what leading you towards progress. Since you are preparing and drinking coffee for years from now, the basic knowledge actually exists. You simply need some modification.

So, participate in the journey of making great coffee – enjoy your next cup.

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